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Traditional Foster Homes

Guardian Angels of SW Florida recruits Christian individuals to become foster parents in order to provide safe and loving homes for children placed into the foster care system. In partnership with – One More Child, we recruit, train, license, mentor and support these individuals with tools and skills necessary to love and care for the foster children placed in their homes.

Our foster parents are currently serving and providing love to foster children in  traditional foster family homes throughout Manatee, Sarasota and DeSoto counties!

Manasota Campus

When children are removed from their homes due to neglect, abuse, trauma or abandonment they are often removed with siblings. Larger sibling groups are frequently separated and placed in different foster homes, as most traditional foster homes cannot accommodate multiple children. Having been removed from their biological parents and their familiar surroundings, the added trauma of being separated from their siblings dramatically increases the level of their pain and anxiety.

Guardian Angels believes that this added trauma can be minimized by providing Foster Family Homes built to accommodate larger sibling groups on our Manasota Campus in Palmetto, Florida. This 9 acre campus is designed to ultimately provide 8 Foster Family Homes, each of which can accommodate up to 6 children. We have built and currently maintain and support 5 Foster Family Homes and have broken ground on the 6th Foster Family Home in 2021. By keeping sibling groups together, we are able to increase their sense of safety, security, comfort and well being.


Caring for children is not an easy task under any circumstances, but foster children who have been traumatized by the events of their lives present much greater challenges to their foster parents. When an individual or couple decides to open their home to such children, they realize that a greater degree of love, patience and care will be required to meet the needs of each child.

In pursuit of creating an environment in which these children can thrive and grow, Guardian Angels, in partnership with One More Child, provides each of our foster parents the necessary professionals to support and mentor them, the necessary resources they might need when a new child has been placed in their home, and continued support and encouragement along the way.


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