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Foster parents play a critical role in the care and development of abused, neglected and orphaned children. Being a foster parent is a vital ministry to precious children who often come from tragic circumstances. Foster care placements can either be short-term or long-term depending on the unique circumstances of the child. While a child is in foster care we work with the child’s family to remediate the problems that caused the child to be removed, and if possible, reunite the child with their parents.

The  – One More Child (FBCH) carefully screens and trains foster parents. We look for caring, Christian adults who will open up their home to a child, and where possible, to multiple children in order to provide them with the love, safety, and security that all children deserve. The Children’s Homes conducts a 21 hour required training for prospective foster parents as well as providing on-going, hands-on assistance to foster parents as they serve.


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